Japan is said to be a country of hospitality, and I would like to thank him for his hospitality that surpasses that ❗️

November 6, 2023


それはMr Aaron Paz さんの親切な対応によるとこが大きい。

私達夫婦は日本から来ていて、カリブ海クルーズを終え、マイアミのエディションホテルに宿泊していた。キイウエストに行きたかったがツアーが満席で諦めた。仕方なくマイアミ クルーズと市内とエバーグレーズ国立公園を巡るツアーに申し込んだ。朝早いのでホテルからバスのスタート地点までMr Pazに連れて行ってもらった。英語が得意でないため他の会社の同じコースのバスツアーに乗ろうとしてトラブルとなった。その時救世主が現れた。Mr Pazである。私達が乗るべきバスに親切に連れて行ってくれた。


結局、Mr Pazにエバーグレーズ国立公園に連れて行ってもらった。あまりに天気が良く良かったので、予定変更してキイポイントに連れて行ってもらえないかMr Pazに聞いてみた。

彼はYes と言うとハンドをまわして、Uターンしてくれた。



After all the trouble and schedule changes on the Miami tour, I was able to find the greatest comfort and joy in my life.

This was largely due to Mr. Aaron Paz’s kind response.

My husband and I were visiting from Japan and were staying at the Edition Hotel in Miami after a Caribbean cruise. I wanted to go to Key West, but the tour was full so I gave up. I reluctantly signed up for a Miami cruise and a tour of the city and Everglades National Park. Since it was early in the morning, Mr. Paz took me from the hotel to the bus starting point. Because I’m not good at English, I got in trouble when I tried to take a bus tour of the same course with another company. Then the savior appeared. This is Mr Paz. He kindly took us to the bus we should take.

Then the next problem occurred. My beloved wife told me that she didn’t want to ride this bus because it had a bad atmosphere.

In the end, Mr. Paz took me to Everglades National Park. The weather was so nice that I asked Mr. Paz if he could change my plans and take me to a key spot.

When he said yes, he turned his hand and made a U-turn.

It was my greatest joy to be able to stand in Key West, the southernmost tip of the United States, which I had given up on.

Japan is said to be a country of hospitality, and I would like to thank him for his hospitality that surpasses that ❗️

Hiroshi Miyake


November 1, 2023

We went on a cruise last day and night in miami..someday limo company..jk..I cant remember their name took us to the fountain bleu..not a good experience but we made it.we needed transportation and along came Aaron at bhbb and my troubles were over..this young man made sure we were handled every step of the way including getting to the ship and from ship to airport…truly the best service you could ask for and I made a friend for life

bob isham

Highly recommended!

October 9, 2023

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Attention to detail

October 6, 2023

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October 5, 2023

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