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At BHBB USA, we understand that your time in Miami is invaluable, and we want to ensure you make the most of every moment. Our Concierge team is here to provide you with a unique and personalized experience, offering exclusive recommendations to make your stay in Miami truly unforgettable.

Every month, we will provide you with a carefully curated list of 27 things to do in Miami. From exquisite restaurants and vibrant nightclubs to fascinating museums and paradisiacal beaches, we’ll offer options to suit every taste and preference. For enthusiasts of major events, we’ll suggest sports and cultural events you won’t want to miss, and for adventure seekers, we’ll include options like yacht tours and visits to protected areas.

Stay tuned as we’ll soon be posting a sneak peek of some of the wonderful experiences awaiting you this month!

Best regards, The BHBB USA Concierge Team

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